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"Security Expert Reviews LifeLock."

--by Jim Stone, (founder)

We at SixFold Security are committed to your peace of mind. And nothing can steal your peace of mind like the possibility of having your identity stolen.

Identity theft is very much on the rise. Anonymous hackers in foreign countries are getting better and bolder.

And the effects can be devastating. It can ruin your life. That's not an overstatement. It can lead to massive debt and eventual bankruptcy -- even though YOU didn't do anything wrong.

Given how serious it is, and how much identity theft has risen over the last 5 years, it might now be my number one security-related concern.

That's why, in spite of some initial skepticism . . .

I am now encouraging all members of SixFold Security to become members of LifeLock. to prevent identity theft.

(And if you visit the page I arranged above, you can get a 10% discount.)

 I Was Skeptical At First

I've heard LifeLock's commercials on the radio for about a year now, and they've got a very attention-getting way of promoting their service. Their founder, Todd Davis, actually publishes his social security number. In fact, here it is: 457-55-5462.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was a cheap way to cash in on people's fears.

In fact, I thought, "they're just playing the law of large numbers. They probably don't do anything to secure your identity. They just get enough people enrolled, and limit their payouts, and they can afford to pay out the occasional claim without doing anything for the client at all."

However, . . .

 LifeLock Does A Lot More Than I Thought

After researching their service, I learned that they do the following:

First, they guarantee up to $1,000,000 in losses related to identity theft.

Second, they actually initiate a fraud alert with all the credit bureaus to make sure no one already has been mis-using your personal information. That alone brings peace of mind. And they repeat the process every 90 days, unless you tell them to stop for some reason.

Third, they send out requests to get your name off of "pre-approved" credit card lists (a major source of identity theft).

Fourth, they get your credit reports for you every year. You can do this yourself for free, but they hassle it for you.

Fifth, if your identity is stolen, they will put their best lawyers, investigators, and accountants on the case for you. And, if you lose any money, they'll replace it for you.

I find this service to be a great value.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) has threatened people's security more in the last 5 years than personal identity theft. It's a bigger threat than armed burglars, and terrorists.

And now there is finally a sensible solution.

Now, LifeLock is not perfect. You still have to be careful with your information. But LifeLock will probably reduce your risk by over 90%, and they will be there for you (with their lawyers, their accountants, and their money) in the event that something does happen.

It's about $10/month, and, unless you're having trouble putting food on the table, it's a true bargain for the immense peace of mind it will bring.

 We Got Hooked Up With LifeLock

We are impressed, and are recommending LifeLock to all our members and visitors, and have arranged to get you a 10% discount. All you have to do is Click this link and sign up for LifeLock.

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